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A Journey of a 1,000 miles starts with a single step

The hardest part of any change, personal or corporate, is to take that first step and start! We know that Change is challenging and that we all need help to get started. At Finance Transformation UK our mission is to inspire you to start from strong foundations and view it as the first step in an exciting journey to create the best Finance function and best Finance Leader you can be!

Step 1: Explore

We help you to explore all the Operating Model Options available to you, from Shared Services, through Outsourcing to the Virtual Finance Function of the Future!

Step 2: Imagine

We help you create your Vision of the future for Finance in an engaging way to inspire your team at all levels and excite them to be best in class. We believe if everyone can imagine the best future it will become a living and breathing reality.

Step 3: Challenge

We don't let preconceived ideas, past experiences or indeed limited experiences,limit your future. We look at your Finance function from 1st principles and challenge, challenge and challenge again! Only when we are agreed you are on the right path will we move forward together.

Step 4: Prepare

We design your Roadmap for Success, building a people centric plan that never loses sight of the Mental Health of the Finance team and your Project Team.

Step 5: Structure

We call upon a vast Network of practitioners to structure your Project Team for success! We know the best and we want to introduce you to them.