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Finance Transformation UK is all about succeeding in new and interesting ways. We think way outside the box and our solutions for Team development, Technology usage and Process development are designed to spark your interest, inspire your teams and deliver success!

The Brainstorm

Our projects start with a Brainstorm! An interactive and engaging session in which our Team challenge you to define what exactly you are trying to achieve. Defining the Project 'Exam Question' is critical but that is the easy bit! We then turn your preconceptions on their head and challenge you to consider Solutions you never even dreamt off. By the time we are finished your Transformation Project has a firm starting point!

Org Made Easy

In our experience one of the Top 5 challenges in creating successful Feasibility Studies is analysing and understanding the current Finance Organisation. Everyone gets fixated on the potential Solutions and they stop looking at the causes! Our Org Made Easy solution is designed to keep current organisation design, structure and cost at the forefront of solution thinking!

No Stone Unturned

In our experience one of the Top 5 missed opportunities of Finance Transformation is down to a mantra - the old mantra of People, Process and Technology. This causes Consultants to miss the gold dust in the Accounts. Customers paying late or suppliers overpaid? It's all in the numbers!

Internal Benchmarking

Before you call the Big 4, take a good look in the mirror! Expensive external Benchmarking Studies are not as effective a first step as Internal Benchmarking. Before you go external, compare your Finance process performance by Region, by Market, by Country and by Site. If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!

Fund your Transformation

In our experience the No. 1 missed opportunity in Finance Transformation is to fund your Transformation! If an Organization has reached the stage where Finance Transformation is required then it most likely has weak Finance process controls. So we believe you start with the AP Recovery Audit and generate the cash to fund your Finance Transformation.

Heads or Tails?

We believe in creating agile and flexible Finance Teams based on skillset. Transactional Finance Teams organised by skillset drive business benefit and employee development. They are better able to respond to Business Critical process challenges by directing all the Organisations resources more effectively at solving problems. They are the breeding grounds for future Finance Leaders as they provide excellent development opportunities.

Management Academy

The Management Academy where the Finance Leaders of tomorrow are born. We believe in creating exciting and challenging environments for Team Managers to develop. There are no agendas, senior management or objectives. It is a self regulated and self motivated body of Managers who are given a Platform of Trust to show what they can do. The Leadership development opportunities are endless.